cardinal vibes

leave things better than you found them.

choose love.

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practice kindess.

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save the bees.


plant based.

wandering soul.

adventure seeker.

about me

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My name is Haley Henry and this is my canvas. I’m a 19 year old interior design student at Queens University of Charlotte. I am an also an Alpha Delta Pi sister. Just sharing whatever life shares with me, with you. I’m an imperfect vegan, an adventure seeker, and lover of just about everything.

First of all, you’re probably wondering why anyone would name thier blog champhaygne chakras and why there’s one extra h in it. I wanted something that was fun but also represented me…. it that just seemed like it. Life is a celebration of art and chapmagne is synonomous with celebrations. My nickname is HayHen or Hay so that is how chamHAYgne came about. Chakras are defined as energy wheels throughout the body; these massive energy forces are thought to effect huge aspects of our lives. I think that chakras and the energies we give and recieve are highly important in relation to who we are as people so I only saw it fit to include that in my title. Champhayne Chakras, because good vibes are almost as good as good champhaynge.

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Life is nothing without a “why”. Our motive behind our decisions and the energy that fuels our passions. It’s not always easy, or clear but it’s important. My why is simply love. Love for beautiful things, love for a beautiful life, and love for my fellow beings.

So choose love, practice kindness, and save the bees.








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